State Minister for Foreign Affairs, MS Hirut, discussed with his Tunisian counterpart

State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Hirut Zein, today held talks with Tunisian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hatem Farjan. They discussed bilateral relations and related issues. Mrs. Hughut Tunisia hailed from her security situation and recently praised her peaceful and successful election. Mr Hirut, who said Tunisia has a reputation for tourism, said that it serves about 9 million tourists a year. This is 10 times as large as the amount of tourism that Ethiopia has, he said. He added that Tunisia is ready to share its experience in tourism with Ethiopia. At the 6th Joint Commission meeting in Tunisia last March, the two countries signed an agreement to work together on various sectors. The agreements have been addressed in the areas of AIC, tourism, education, agriculture, and women and children. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Tunisia, Hamit Farjan, came up with about 40 business representatives to advise them on matters that would change these agreements. Tomorrow, a large business forum will be held in Addis Ababa to advise on economic relations between the two countries. Hamath Farjan, on his part, said the recent agreement to work on various sectors across the country was successful. The State Minister, who noted that his country has good political and diplomatic relations with Ethiopia, said that more needs to be done on economic issues.