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By the Federal Prisons Administration, the Kleinto Prison was held on August 28, 2008. Of the four defendants charged with the crime of burning, a conviction was imposed on all four. The Federal High Court Late Category IV Criminal Court on Tuesday, October 18, 2012 The defendants who made the sentencing were Mr Gresser Eshete, Toffik Shukur, Mr. Pseudh Getachew and Mr. Shimsu Sayed. The court found the defendants guilty of “not defending”, although the defendants had been in dispute for more than three years and the plaintiff was able to prove his case by evidence in person and document. Article 464 (2) of the Criminal Code is intended to prepare prisoners to rebel and to be punished for violating Article 540 of ordinary murder. Thus, ecided that he and Mr. Fitzgem Gichu should each serve a maximum of 11 years, and Toffik Schuker and Mr. Shimsu Saeed would be sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. The court also noted that the defendants were not present in the absence of the verdict in the absence of them. The reason was that the defendants were emotional and were not intended to be harmed. He also said that they would receive a copy of the decision. It was recalled that when the Killinto Prison was burned down, 23 detainees were killed and more than 15 million were injured, several prisoners were arrested and detained in Shoa Robbery and Zawiya prisons. When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power, most suspects were released and only four defendants remained.